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Almadraba Tuna Tour – ITINERARY

Almadraba Tuna Tour – ITINERARY

Rightly so, the Almadraba is considered one of the most ecological and sustainable methods in existence.

Known here in Spain as Atun Rojo, the large Blue fin Tuna follow the migratory path from the cold waters of the Atlantic to the warmer Mediterranean. Under the first full moon in May they begin on their journey to mate. Over-fishing is environmentally damaging and to fish anything and everything that ends up in the net cannot continue. Purely fishing for the mass markets and our desire for seafood must be sustainable.

This is your chance to witness a once in a life time event, where you get to witness history, tradition and culture before it disappears into extinction and is no longer viable for these local fishermen to survive the traditional way!

Almadraba Tuna Tour


DURATION: All Day Tour 08.30 to 18.00

08.30 : Our tour starts with pick up from Jerez de la Frontera and the journey begins towards Barbate by comfortable coach. Take in the landscape or take a little nap if it’s still a little too early for you. We should arrive to Barbate and the Information Point Natural Park around 09.45

Barbate interpretation centre

Barbate interpretation centre

09.15 – 09.30 : Coach stop for light breakfast (not included in the price)

10.00 : Arrival to the port and our starting point where our guide will give a brief explanation of the tour

10:30 : Time to get your sea legs on and hope for a calm day in the Atlantic waters. The Captain sets out to take us  out to sea, the route all depends on him and the weather conditions. As well as setting out to the Almadraba, there is always a chance that we might catch a close glimpse of some orca whales or dolphins if we are lucky. Our route will also take in the coastline and cliffs of la Breña and passing the light house of Trafalgar.

After disembarking from you fantastic boat trip and witnessing how the tuna fish are caught, it’s time to visit the Ronqueo.

Ronqueo - Cutting the tuna fish

Ronqueo – Cutting the tuna fish

12:00 :  The Ronqueo is the Spanish name for snoring or grunting, this is the sound the knife makes when it slices through the skin. From just a few feet away, you will witness the master skills of how the tuna fish is cut into different parts using extremely sharpe knives.

If you thought tuna was just something that came from a tin, you are about learn how the range of flesh colour and intensity of flavour . You are now staring at a 2.5 metre, 200 kg fish that is one of the priciest delicacies on the planet. You will learn names like Ventresca, Cola blanca, Morillo or Tarantelo, the different parts of the fish and at the end, you have the opportunity to taste these tapas based delicatesen as well.

We will visit the cannery factory, see the process development and manufacturing of canned , smoked and salted fish, ​​primarily blue fin tuna caught in the intricate maze of interconnecting trap nets, (ALMADRABA) that you saw eariler.

Tuna lunch looking out to the Atlantic to where it was caught

Tuna lunch looking out to the Atlantic to where it was caught

14.00 : Now, after all the excitement you must be hungry and raring to try some more tuna dishes. We will either stroll or take the bus down to the promenade for a seasonal lunch at a favourite restaurant that looks out over the turquise Atlantic sea.
With your tables reserved, it is time to relax with a glass of wine or a soft drink as the cool Atlantic breeze flows in from the Ocean. You will be served a delicious 3 course lunch, including drink and dessert. The first course, seafood rice followed by a typical local oven baked tuna dish.

Hopefully, you will have some time after lunch for a nice stroll with some newly made friends or shop to buy a memento to remind you of your ‘Netting the Tuna’ tour with us.

17.00 : We take the bus back to Jerez and should arrive just after 18.00.

The ‘Netting the Tuna’ tour is available to book for any day, except Monday’s & Wednesday’s from May 1st 2016.

This tour includes, coach travel to and from a designated pick up point in Jerez de la Frontera to Barbate port & interpretation centre, brief explanation of the blue fin tuna, fully insured boat with captain to sail (weather conditions permitting) to sail and observe the Almadraba and take a nautical route observing the cliffs of Breña, the light house of Trafalgar and coastline. You will be accompanied throughout the tour in Barbate by a bilingual biologist guide. Lunch included with one drink only.